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IGO Says the Register Wants a Gun Bill?

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More inaccurate fear tactics.

"The media is afraid to, the PR was so bad on them last time. What this would do is CODIFY their ability to do this. The Des Moines Register is chomping at the bit for this to pass! We can't do this." -- IGO

See the Lobbyists declarations?
Against - IA. Newspaper Assoc.
The Register hates this bill because it would remove their access to gun owner data.

IGO Opposes a Gun Bill?

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This post is a prime example of IGO tactics. They continually twist the truth to elicit fear. Specifically, IGO is trying to make you think that that SF427 creates a new centralized repository for politicians (FALSE) and that it will contain a list of guns (FALSE). IGO then uses NY and CT references to play on your fears (NY and CT did try to do *gun* registry).