Fundraising Schemes

Perhaps the most common method of fundraising for Aaron Dorr is fear. He spins the issues, draws inaccurate conclusions, and omits parts of stories, evidence, and facts in order to get people to think they will lose their Second Amendment rights. Of course he can protect you, if he has the money.


In 2012 the Iowa House of Representatives was controlled by the GOP by a healthy margin (58-42). What this meant is ANY attempts to introduce ANY gun control laws were dead in the water the minute they hit the books. But that didn't stop Aaron Dorr and his organization IGO from trying to conjure up fear to raise money

More recently, Aaron Dorr has stepped up his game. In the previous examples he was at least citing anti-gun laws. Now he is citing good NRA/IFC bills in order to conjure up fear. SF427 (H1117) represents one of the largest 2A advances we have seen in over 5 years in Iowa. To Aaron Dorr and IGO, its just another opportunity to twist the truth to get the 2A community scared, and to send him more money. In the Facebook post below he selectively copies sections of SF427 and leaves out some really pertinent pieces.

Now some of you may like the approach of NAGR and are upset with the NRA. But common, do you honestly believe the NRA/IFC would draft and spend countless hours lobbying legislatures to push a bill that would "arm felons and domestic abusers?

What Dorr leaves out in his post is current Iowa law allows for ANYONE to walk into ANY Sheriffs office an ask for a complete list of all gun permit holders. With this request they get name, address, and other information. This is in place RIGHT NOW. SF427, if passed, would prevent someone from getting sensitive information on these requests. It has SPECIFIC language that says a Sheriff can only answer YES or NO. The Sheriff cannot give ANY other information. In addition, the requester now has to provide a name and one other identifying piece of information (address, phone, birthday). This virtually eliminates mass data dump requests that occur now. See below for a snippet from SF427 (H1117) that shows the new procedure aimed at protecting Iowa gun owners, and completely destroys Dorr's claims in the Facebook post.

As if that wasn't enough of a lie, Aaron continues his deceit by claiming that the NRA/IFC backed bill SF427 creates a centralized gun registry. Which is an outright lie, designed to incite fear. But don't fear, with enough money, Dorr and the IGO can stop this!

Again, you can see right in the text of SF427(H1117) that it specifically PROHIBITS the documentation of any type of firearm!

And finally, we are not really sure what all the membership dues and donations Aaron Door and IGO collects are used for. Every time IGO runs a "new campaign" they have to ask for....SURPRISE...more money.