HF384/HF2381 - Suppressors

In 2014 the IFC and the NRA introduced HF384 that would legalize suppressors in Iowa.

Aaron Dorr and the IGO actively opposed the suppressor bill. On January 27th, they sent out a message to its members that said in part:

HF384, a bill designed to allow for suppressors here in Iowa, would require the following dog and pony show before you could possess one:

[snip - Dorr listed all the FEDERAL NFA requirements]

Does this sound like the sort of freedom that you want to fight for? Are we really supposed to be happy with seeing lawful gun owners treated this way?It would seem to be easier for a recently released, convicted child molester to obtain permission to move in next to a daycare than for your average gun owner in Iowa to be allowed to exercise his Constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms! What’s more, this is yet another dream “cover bill” for anti-gunners to hide behind. Recognizing that this “freedom” is so incredibly regulated as to be virtually worthless to the average gun owner – many anti-gun legislators will undoubtedly support this bill in a desperate ploy to confuse their voters headed into this fall’s elections. -- Aaron Dorr & IGO

Remember, suppressors are illegal in Iowa, this bill was designed to remove the section of Iowa code that makes it illegal. If HF384 had passed, the only thing standing in the way of an Iowan and a suppressor is the FEDERAL requirements.that Aaron Dorr calls a "dog and pony show".

NOTE: Ironically, today (2015) Aaron Dorr claims he supported SF427 (a suppressor only bill) before it was amended with H1117 that added another 13 sweet benefits for gun owners.

So back to HF384. Fast forward one month, during which time the NRA/IFC worked hard to pave the way for HF384 to pass and Aaron Dorr and the IGO actively tried to block it. HF384 successfully passed out of committee and was renumbered HF2381. It was ready for a full house vote.

Aaron Dorr and IGO, realized that this bill could actually pass, decided they needed to jump on board so they could look like they participated in getting a gun bill passed (outside fear tactics it's probably the number one thing they use to raise more money). Checkout this 180 message they sent to their user base:

What? Wait? That's funny, I thought that was a "cover bill for anti-gunners" and "virtually worthless"?

The next morning we saw another communique from Aaron Dorr and the IGO trying to get on the HF2381 train.

The bill passed with landslide bipartisan support in the house 82-16 on the 27th. Aaron Dorr and the IGO were quick to take credit for the years-long struggle of IFC, NRA, and ASA.

Finally, to make sure everyone knew how important he and his organization are, Aaron Door sent out a congratulatory e-mail to his member base that contained the following:

Moments ago the Iowa House voted 82-16 to pass HF2381, a bill to allow law abiding Iowans the means to purchase and use suppressors on firearms. While this bill came up for a vote too quickly for IGO to get an email out, we were able to communicate with tens of thousands of you via Facebook and your calls and your emails made a huge difference in determining the outcome of this vote. -- Aaron Dorr, IGO

Wow, if that doesn't spell it out in clear terms folks, I don't know what else to say. Aaron Dorr and his organization are nothing more than a fund raising sham designed to separate you from your money.