The 2015 Legislative Session opened with a bang and lots of hope and possibilities for expanding the 2A rights of Iowans. It's been five years since any substantial pro-gun bill has passed the Iowa House. Representative Windschitl and the NRA/IFC worked tirelessly with House and Senate Democrats to draft a bill that would make several improvements to Iowa Gun Laws. Some improvements were needed for Law Enforcement and went hand in hand with some 2A advances that were needed. The end result was two bi-partisan supported sister bills -- SF425 and HF527(also known as the "OMNIBUS GUN BILL"). Without going into too much detail about the political chess that occurred a fair summary is that HF527 got stuck in the Senate after passing with a landslide vote in the house. SF425 passed the senate judiciary but never got called up on the Senate floor. In an attempt to pass a gun bill the Senate brought up SF427, which was a Suppressor only gun bill. After the senate passed SF427, the Iowa House took the bill and amended (H1117) it to add back most of the provisions that were in the original SF425/HF527 with two key changes and sent it back to the Senate. The changes were as follows:

  1. The original language in HF527/SF425 restricted access to existing permit databases to Law Enforcement only (remember today it's COMPLETELY public). H1117 still made the permit verification system private but provided an avenue for people to inquire about a specific person. However, it still changes the law so that the requester must know additional information about that person they are inquiring about (Name + DOB, Address, or Phone Number).
  2. It struck the language to completely remove the Permit to Acquire (SF425/HF527 eliminated the Permit to acquire) and changed it to be valid from one year to five years.

Remember, current law does not require anyone to provide anything. They just request the permit database, and they get the whole database. This includes your Name and Location and any other information you provided to get your permit. So while #1 above isn't great, it's WAY better than the completely open system we have now. With this change, the newspapers can no longer perform complete data dumps, publish the list, and establish interactive maps with permit holder's locations. Your sensitive information is kept private. With SF427(H1117) the Sheriff can no longer give ANY information other than Yes or NO.

The reasons these changes were made sucks, but it was necessary. SF425 and HF527 failed to gain ANY traction in the Senate as a result of out of state lobbyist paid for by Bloomberg and local Mom's Demand Action lobbying. Their main whining points on HF527/SF425 were that it "Removed private background checks on private purchases (the permit to acquire)", and that "domestic violence people couldn't find out if the abuser had a gun." Both are dumb arguments because we all know that even if a private seller did ask to see the buyer's permit, they wouldn't have a clue if it was real or not (99 counties=99 different permits) or have any way to validate its authenticity. The argument about seeing if someone has a gun is bogus because you don't need to have a permit to have a gun; but that's the world we live in folks. We have to deal with it to make SOME advancements. The Iowa House made these two little changes in hopes that we could get something through the Senate -- so we could get all the other glorious advancements in SF427 (H1117).

So based on that information, let's look at what SF427 with the H1117 amendments gets us:

  1. Legalizing suppressors.
  2. Creating new and streamlined training requirements for renewal Permit’s to Carry and moves the time between training from 5 years to 10 years.
  3. Allowing for a renewal applicant to renew their permit under any of the current training requirements including shooting on a range if they so choose.
  4. Establishing that a veteran with small arms training will never have to go through initial or renewal training to obtain her permit to carry.
  5. Extending the window for qualifying training from the current 12 months now to 24 months. This means that if an applicant has had any qualifying training in the last 24 months that will qualify them for their new or renewal permit.
  6. Creating a requirement for uniform permits throughout the state and establishes that all permits, carry and acquire, shall NOT be issued for a particular weapon nor can it contain any identifying information about the weapon including the make, model, serial number or any ammo used in the firearm. It also says an applicants residence must not be listed on the permit and prohibits the inclusion of her social security number.
  7. Extending the Permit to Acquire from a 1 year permit to a 5 year permit. This matches it up with the Permit to Carry which is also a 5 year permit.
  8. Adding new language that if a permit is denied and it is later determined that it should not have been that the applicant can recoup reasonable attorney’s fees.
  9. Removing the absurd ban on parents being able to teach their child proper handgun safety if the child is under the age of fourteen.
  10. Establishing a statewide verification system for law enforcement to determine if a permit is valid. There is no new database. All permits are already on file with the state and have been for years. This system merely creates a process by which law enforcement can verify the validity of a Permit to Carry. This benefits you by preventing law enforcement from having to seize your weapon if you unintentionally forget your permit.
  11. Blocking the media from collecting the private information (name, date of birth, address, etc.) of Iowa’ permit holders. Current law allows for any member of the public to request to see all of your personal information on your permit application. Under the new provision if they make the request they will only be given a yes or no answer as to whether your permit is valid and the validity dates of such a permit. The person making the request must also give their name, contact information and the reason they are making the request. This information will be kept on file in the Sheriff’s office and be accessible to those who wish to inquire if someone has been asking about their permit.

Pretty sweet right! Is it perfect? No, but man there are some killer advancements in SF427. You would think that any 2A loving patriot would get behind this thing and pile drive it over the finish line. Nope. Not Aaron Dorr and the IGO. For reasons unknown (we have some speculations) Aaron Dorr and IGO came out aggressively against the bill. To our surprise he has drummed up more lies about this bill than Bloomberg and Moms Demand Action combined.

Now some of you may like the approach of NAGR and are upset with the NRA. But come on, do you honestly believe the NRA/IFC would draft a bill that would "allow rapist to find your daughter or wife"?

What Dorr leaves out in his post is current Iowa law allows for ANYONE to walk into ANY Sheriffs office and ask for a complete list of all gun holders. With this request they get name, address, and other information. This is in place RIGHT NOW. SF427, if passed, would prevent someone from getting sensitive information with these requests. It has SPECIFIC language that says a Sheriff can only answer YES or NO. The Sheriff cannot give ANY other information. In addition, the requestor now has to provide a name and one other identifying piece of information (address, phone, birthday). This virtually eliminates mass data dump requests that occur now. See below for a snippet from SF427 (H1117) that shows the new procedure aimed at protecting people who have acquired permits and completely destroys Dorr's claims in the Facebook post.

As if that wasn't enough of a lie, Aaron continues his deceit by claiming that the NRA/IFC backed bill SF427 creates a centralized gun registry. This is an outright lie designed to incite fear. This is all designed to get unsuspecting Iowan's to donate more money to Aaron Dorr and the IGO organization so that they may fight against this atrocity (lie).

Again, you can see right in the text of SF427(H1117) that it specifically PROHIBITS the documentation of any type of firearm!

And the outright lies just keep getting more and more blatant. Fortunately, they are easy to disprove.

Dorr's onslaught on SF427 continues to this day. In summary, we are sure we are going to have to add to this page. Consider it "Under Construction".