HF535 - Permit Records Private

Back in 2013 the IFC and the NRA had been working on a bill that would make permit records private (they're currently still completely open - even our addresses aren't confidential!). This bill was HF535.

The IFC/NRA and its members spent a lot of time getting bipartisan support for the bill. The bill would also make straw purchases a crime at the state level - something they threw in to get more democrats on board with the bill and make the bill more likely to pass the Democrat controlled senate.

Anyways the day came for the Iowa House to vote on the bill. In typical Aaron Dorr and IGO fashion (sitting from his comfy chair on his killer keyboard), he sends out the following Facebook blast:

whats going on

we need to call some people

Notice whats missing from the posts? The bill number? IGO had been completely oblivious to these efforts. Since they don't activley work with legislatures to try and pass good gun laws, they don't have any reason to be at the capitol. As a result, they usually have no idea whats going on. Of course this was too late in the game to mean anything. The bill passed in a landslide 95-3 that same day, but it had nothing to do with Aaron Dorr and the IGO. It was the hard work of IFC and NRA members getting it done during the weeks and months leading up to the vote.

However, as usual, it didn't take long for Aaron Dorr and the IGO to take credit for the bills passage! Yeh us!

IGO Takes Credit

Thankfully Rep. Matt Windschitl called Aaron Dorr and the IGO out on the house floor:

In the end, Aaron Dorr and the IGO did what they do best. Sent out another email claiming credit and asking for more money.

IGO Takes Credit

Special credit and thanks to "Spart" from AR15.Com forum for preserving this history