In the Capitol, everyone would have you believe that the only way to protect our gun rights is to “cut a deal before you get something worse!”
-- Aaron Dorr E-mail dated 4/17/15

This one sentience alone summarize Dorr's mentality on trying to advance your 2A rights. This is his approach when he is spending IGO member money.

However, before we go to deep into the phsycology of Aaron Dorr, lets see what Aaron Dorr and IGO considers "cutting a deal" and is activley fighting against. Here is a summary of what SF427 (with H1117 amendment) does for Iowa Gun Owners -- if passed.

Source: http://coolice.legis.iowa.gov/Cool-ICE/default.asp?Category=billinfo&Service=Billbook&menu=false&ga=86&hbill=H1177

  1. Legalizes suppressors including chief law enforcement officer sign off requirement much like shall issue. This will brings Iowa in line with 39 other states.
  2. Creates the process by which law enforcement can verify the validity of a permit. This will prevent LE from having to seize the weapon of someone who unintentionally forgets their permit.
  3. Creates new and streamlined training requirements for renewal permits and moves the time between training from 5 years to 10 years. The renewal process will now be as simple as taking an online course to demonstrate continued proficiency.
  4. llows for a renewal applicant to renew their permit under any of the current training requirements including shooting on a range if they so choose.
  5. Establishes that a veteran with small arms training will never have to go through initial or renewal training to obtain their permit to carry.
  6. Extends the window for qualifying training from the current 12 months now to 24 months. So if an applicant has had any qualifying training in the last 24 months that will qualify them for their new or renewal permit.
  7. Creates the requirement for uniform permits throughout the state and establishes that all permits, carry and acquire, shall NOT be issued for a particular weapon nor can it contain any identifying information about the weapon including the make, model, serial number or any ammo used in the firearm. It also strikes that the applicants residence be listed on the permit and prohibits the inclusion of their social security number.
  8. Extends the permit to acquire from a 1 year permit to a 5 year permit. This matches it up with the permit to carry which is also a 5 year permit.
  9. Adds new language that if a permit is denied and it is later determined that it should not have been that the applicant can recoup reasonable attorney’s fees.
  10. Removes the absurd ban on parent from being able to teach their child proper handgun safety if the child is under the age of fourteen.
  11. Establishes a statewide verification system for law enforcement to determine if a permit is valid. This also has a provision that an individual can request in person or in writing if a person has a valid permit to carry or acquire if they provide the name of the person and any of the following; their date of birth, address or telephone number. The House incorporated two additional provisions to this section that will require the person making the request give their name, contact information and the reason they are making the request. This information will be kept on file in the sheriff’s office and be accessible to those who wish to inquire if someone has been asking about their permit. Please keep in mind that current law allows for any member of the public to request to see your personal information that is on your permit application. Under the new provision if they make the request they will only be given a yes or no answer as to whether your permit is valid and the validity dates of such a permit. This is a huge step forward from where we are at currently. This is NOT a firearms registry nor is it a registry of firearm owners as not every firearm owner has a permit.

So in short, if you paid dues to IGO, your money is being used to defeat everything you just read -- Let that sink in...... The more depressing part it, this isn't the first time. If you visit Aaron Dorr's profile on this website you will see a few others.