Your Money

Aaron Dorr has made a career out of exploiting innocent Iowan's for financial gain. He is a smooth talking, political master, that will do anything con people into giving up thier hard earned money. As the ring leader of IGO, Aaron's main goal is to ensure no gun legislation passes in the Iowa house. This is an important strategy for him, because the more fear and lack of progress he can conjure up, the more money he can request and extract.

Under his leadership the Iowa Gun Owners has opposed and help block numerous NRA sponsored gun bills that were aimed to reclaim some of our second amendment rights. Infact, since Bloomerber and MDA are relativley new, Aaron Dorr and his organization currently hold the tops stop in anti-gun movement department. The only difference is, he guises his efforts under a flag of a "NO COMPROMISE" gun fight with the Iowa Legislature. What does this mean?

In 2010 Aaron Dorr and the IGO actively blocked and attempted to kill the IFC and NRA efforts to pass Shall Issue:

In 2010 the anti-gun crowd in Des Moines knew that there was a grassroots gun rights lobby in Iowa that would hold them accountable for their actions for the first time in years.
So once they voted to kill Constitutional Carry they voted to approve Iowa’s current “Shall Issue” bill that was brought forth by less principled organizations. Of course, since that bill was passed by anti-gun legislators it was full of anti-gun provisions.


Three days later Aaron Dorr and IGO attempted to take credit for the bill:

These days they take credit for it in their emails begging for donations:

"I’m sure you’ll agree, directly or indirectly, IGO members are clearly driving the pro-gun agenda here in Iowa – as you have been going back to the passage of ‘Shall Issue’ legislation in 2010."

"Not only that, but after our last all-out push for Constitutional Carry, our state government passed one of the best shall-issue laws in the country — even though Democrats controlled BOTH houses of the General Assembly!"

"We’ve also brought concealed carry reform to the forefront of Iowa politics, leading to the passage of “shall issue” in 2009."

"Paving the way for passage of “Shall Issue” in 2010 after launching a statewide mobilization campaign to reform Concealed Carry laws;"

Fast forward 6 years and we see the same thing happening with the NRA Omnibus bill, SF427. Aaron Dorr, is actively posing a pro-gun bill that make sweeping advancements to Iowan's 2A rights. Using half truths and outright lies (saying SF425 establishes a gun registry), Aaron Door is attempting to block the good legislation. Why? Because if it passes, his member base will see that the IGO is ineffective. As long as he and spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt, Aaron will continue to make a paycheck, a very healthy paycheck of the backs of his member base that he is hurting.

Folks this description could go on and on and on, Lord knows we have the data, but I think everyone has seen it and gets the point. We have to act now, we have to ensure that this en devour, this scam, is no longer financially lucrative for Aaron Dorr. If we don't i fear he will continue to block and even erode our 2A rights.