Chris Dorr "The Side Kick"

Chris Dorr - Executive Director of the Minnesota Gun Rights

Chris Dorr is Aaron Dorr's brother and second in command of the IGO outfit. The Dorrs also happened to see an opportunity to expand their enterprise into Minnesota, so they formed the MGR, or Minnesota Gun Rights association. Chris heads up that program err Iowa branch office.

Chris has an interesting past. Back in 2013 (2 years ago) Chris was caught red handed stealing an email database and had to sign an affidavit attesting to such to the Iowa Senate Ethics Committee. You can read more about the affidavit here:

When we were trying to understand why the Dorr's would be opposed to SF427, it suddenly occurred to us that Aaron and Chris have to survive off accurate member and new member contact information. They collect it at the gun shows in exchange for shirts and bumper stickers, they get it from you online when you sign petitions and gun giveaways. This information is vital to their financial survival, that's how they contact you to ask for more money. Think about it, what is another valid source of gun owner contact information -- county databases. The county databases that are free to query right now. Could it be possible that this is a source of gun owner contact information for the Dorrs and IGO? SF427 would virtually eliminate this source of funding for them if it is. While we can't prove it, its the only thing that remotely make sense as to why the Dorrs would oppose SF427. Anyways we digress, back on track.

Chris, like his brother was also heavily involved at the ground level on the Sorensan, Buachman, Paul payoff scandal. Chris was the Bachmann for President Field Staff, and legislative clerk for State Senator Kent Sorenson. As you can tell, the scandals are a family affair with the Dorrs and now they are back working together at IGO. The other interesting item to note is we see this quote alot in IGO e-mails from Aaron Dorr which seem to be a stab at IFC/NRA for trying to get *something* accomplished:

"We’re the only gun rights organization that plays for keeps and isn't willing to be party to the backroom deals cut in the legislature."
-- Aaron Dorr

Given the documented backroom deals and cover ups detailed in the Sorenson scandal, it's a wonder how Dorr can stake that claim. This quite was taken off IGO's own website which you can find here.

"That’s what No Compromise means. We exist to fight for gun rights. We do not patronize a political party. We do not cut backroom deals. We don’t take the bribes so often offered to grassroots organizations. We do not assume to have the authority to bargain away some of your rights in exchange for securing others. We will never back down."--IGO

Here were the final "payoff details" and what Chris was to get for his "services" in the payoff:

Sorenson’s Asking Price – Financial Requirements:

  • Sorenson wanted $8,000 a month through the fall of 2012.
  • Chris Dorr, Sorenson’s clerk and right-hand man, wanted $5,000 a month through April of 2012.
  • Sorenson demanded that $100,000 be placed in an Iowa PAC that would be controlled by Sorenson and staffed by the Dorrs. Kevin Wolfswinkel, a Paul supporter, was the PAC’s chairman, and Wes Enos was the PAC’s treasurer.

You can find all the details on the payoff scheme here:

As of late, Chris seems to be following in his brothers footsteps up in Minnesota. Many of the legislators up there are tired of dealing with his antics and lies, much like most of the Iowa Gun community and our legislators. The following link contains a document that several Minnesota legislators sent out to their constituents.

Beware of new gun rights groups like the Minnesota Gun Rights

We are in the beginning phases of researching and uncovering the interesting past of this family and will update this page accordingly as we find more information. Stayed tuned.